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Self-powered ESP200 overload relays provide accuracy unmatched in the market. With repeat accuracy of greater than 99%, trips can be set to the most specific conditions, resulting in both longer motor life and cost savings. The ESP200 overload relay is so simple to configure. No software or manuals are required.

SIEMENS ESP200 Solid State Electronic Overload Relays

  • » Selectable Trip Classes: 5, 10, 20 and 30

    » Manual, automatic, and remote reset

    » Phase loss protection - trips in less than 3 seconds

    » Phase unbalance protection - trips based on trip class selected (minimize temperature rise of the motor on an asymmetrical three-phase system)

    » Thermal memory (prevents restarting the motor when it is hot)

    » Ground fault protection - trips 60% of motor current

    » Ambient insensitive (prevents nuisance tripping)

    » FLA dial with wide range - 4:1 ratio

    » One NO and one NC contacts standard

    » Self protected in short circuit condition

    » Visible trip indicator

    » Touch-safe terminals

    » Removable terminals

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