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Built with you, the user in mind. Specializing in simplicity without sacrificing performance, the WorldDrive General Purpose variable frequency drive is built with V/F, Slip Compensation and Sensorless Vector control and has a compact footprint in 6 frame sizes: 0.5HP to 30HP. A user friendly keypad interface allows for fast and easy parameterization in all of your general purpose applications. UL, cUL Listed and CE Certified.

WorldDrive Chassis VFDs

  • » V/F, Slip Compensation control, Sensorless Vector Control

    » 150% overload for 60 sec

    » 200-230V, Single-phase, 0.5-2HP

    » 200-230V, Three-phase, 1-30HP

    » 380-480V, Three-phase, 1-30HP

    » Input voltage range: 200-230V Single / Three Phase (-15%, +10%)

    » Input voltage range: 380-480V Three Phase (-15%, +10%)

    » Output Frequency: 0-400Hz Sensorless: 0-300Hz

    » Carrier Frequency: 1-15kHz

    » Protection degree: NEMA 1 / IP20

    » Conformal Coated printed circuit boards » Built-in: Modbus-RTU

    » UL, cUL, CE Certifie

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