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 Softstart package is designed specifically for the demanding start-up, control and protection needed for Salt Water Disposal and Jet Pump applications. This package provides full skid control and protection of your motor and positive displacement piston pump.

Series Positive Displacement Soft Starters - NEMA 4 Enclosure

  • » Designed for PD Pumping Applications › 20 - 600 HP › Fully rated bypass contactor › Ready for Murphy Switch field inputs › NO/NC selectable Murphy inputs › Motor saver technology using SCR system overload

    » Designed for Harsh Environments › NEMA 4 outdoor rated enclosure › Designed for Safety and Protection › Service entrance rated meeting NEC requirements › Overated to 500% for 60 seconds

    » Full panel surge protection with main circuit breaker

    » Designed for Security › Lockable main door › Concealed hinges › Padlock disconnect on main CB › Keypad Designed for Easy Operation › Start / Stop pushbutton › Help › Manual / Auto

    » Designed with multiple protection inputs and outputs › External fault lights for high / low oil pressure levels, vibration trip and more.

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