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The  1 phase definite purpose starters provide compact load control for application-specific use. These starters are available up to 10HP @ 230VAC.

Definite Purpose Motor Starters - Single Phase 240 Volt

  • » NEMA 1 enclosure

    » Door mounted reset PB standard

    » Knockouts for field kits

    » Control terminals for field ease

    » Large enclosure for wire bends

    » Field kits for local start / stop

    » Field kits for HOA operation

    » 24 VAC and 208 VAC control coil available

    » Reset pushbutton supplied standard

  • Start/Stop Pushbutton Kit (Double Headed Style) A WWS-SS-A $84.62

    Start/Stop Pushbutton Kit (Double Headed Style) B WWS-SS-B $94.03 

    Start/Stop Pushbutton Kit (Double Headed Style) C WWS-SS-C $94.03

    H-O-A Switch Kit (3 Position) A WWS-HOA-A $99.56

    H-O-A Switch Kit (3 Position) B WWS-HOA-B $99.56

    H-O-A Switch Kit (3 Position) C WWS-HOA-C $99.56

    Replacement Reset Pushbutton Kit A WWS-RS-A $44.25

    Replacement Reset Pushbutton Kit B, C WWS-RS-BC $44.25

    AUX 1NO, 1NC A,B,C UA-1-11 $27.99

    Replacement Coils Are Available: 24V / 120V / 208V / 230V / 480V Consult Factory 

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